Building Advisory Committee



Policy No.Policy
BAC/2005/01Shade Structure Concessions
Replaced by BAC/2014/001 
BAC/2005/02Awnings and Louvre Type Sun Screens
Replaced by BAC/2013/01
BAC/2005/03External Roll-Up Blinds
Replaced by BAC/2013/03
BAC/2005/05Wall Mounted Room Air Conditioners
Replaced by BAC2009/001
BAC/2005/06Wet Areas
Replaced by BAC/2013/04
BAC/2006/01Installation of Solar Hot Water Heaters
Amended 3/9/2009
BAC/2009/001Room Air Conditioners
Replaced by BAC/2012/002 
BAC/2011/001Installation of Photovoltaic Panels in non-cyclonic regions of the NT
Class 1 and 10 structures, Regions A and B
BAC/2012/001Installation of photovoltaic panels in cyclonic regions
Class 1 and 10 structures, Region C.
BAC/2012/002Room Air Conditioners

BAC/2013/001Awnings and Louvre Type Sun Screens
Replaces BAC/2005/02 
BAC/2013/003External Roll-Up Blinds
Replaces BAC/2005/03
BAC/2013/004Wet Areas
Replaces BAC/2005/06
Wet Areas Factsheet
BAC/2014/001Shade Structure Policy
Replaces BAC/2005/001
Background Information
BAC/2016/001Fixing of Horizontal Run External Wall Cladding